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Fire Risk in Major RV Brand - Class Action Suit

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What You Need to Know About a Class Action Lawsuit Against Forest River RVs

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are a favorite mode of transportation for many people across the United States. When gearing up for an outdoor adventure, you expect your RV to be reasonably safe and free from hazards. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It is believed that the Forest River Fifth Wheel RVs contain a dangerous wiring defect that is prone to catching fire. 

At Conner, Marr & Pinski, we are currently investing in this class-action lawsuit and investigating related claims. If you own a Forest River Palomino Puma Fifth Wheel RV, you may be entitled to take legal action against the manufacturer by joining a class-action lawsuit. Contact our office to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. 

What Is the Class Action Lawsuit Against Forest River?

In the summer of 2022, Jay Nelson, the owner of a Palomino Puma Fifth Wheel RV, filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer after the fifth wheel caught fire. Despite efforts to have the fifth wheel fixed, it is reported that the manufacturer failed to comply with safety regulations during repairs. 

It is alleged that the fifth wheel on model years 2002-2022 contains a dangerous wiring defect that makes them more prone to catching fire. As reported by, the fifth wheels reportedly do not contain a circuit breaker in the wiring that connects the house batteries to the junction box. Without a circuit breaker, any short in the wiring can lead to an overload and an increase in the risk of fire. 

Who Owns Forest River?

Forest River was originally founded in 1996. It is considered one of the “largest RV manufacturers in North America” and has a wide range of products, including class A and C motorhomes, fifth wheels, and an assortment of trailers. It was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway in 2005. 

What Is the Risk to Consumers?

It is believed that the faulty wiring may present an increased risk of fire on the Palomino Puma Fifth Wheel RV model years 2002-2022. A class action lawsuit has been filed against Forest River in Montana Federal Court. On March 23, 2023, a federal judge ruled that the class action lawsuit filed by Jay Nelson could move forward. 

If you own a Forest River recreational vehicle affected by the faulty wiring allegations, you may be entitled to take legal action. However, you may only have a limited amount of time to act. It is important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible to determine your options. 

What If I Need Representation?

If you own a Palomino Puma Fifth Wheel RV and are in need of legal representation or would like to learn more about the class action lawsuit, contact our office. We offer free, no-obligation case evaluations. 

Our legal team continues to investigate claims related to the fire risk in these recreational vehicles and is actively pursuing compensation on behalf of aggrieved consumers. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and will help you get the recovery you deserve.

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