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Toxic Chemicals Leak Into Yellowstone River After Train Derailment

Montana River Likely Contaminated with Hazardous Materials

Cleanup efforts are ongoing after a train carrying ‘potentially hazardous material’ derailed in Stillwater County, Montana. The crash sent toxic chemicals into the Yellowstone River. The train was crossing the Yellowstone Twin River Bridges at the time of the collision. The incident occurred on Saturday, June 24, 2023, according to local officials.

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What Caused the Train Derailment on the Yellowstone River?

According to multiple reports, it is still unclear what caused the derailment of multiple railcars on the Yellowstone Twin River Bridges. ABC News indicates that officials could not yet determine whether the bridge’s collapse was due to the derailment or the derailment was caused by a failure in the bridge's infrastructure. 

What is known is the incident sent several rail cars carrying ‘potentially hazardous material’ into the Yellowstone River. As a result of the crash, local fishing accesses were closed, and emergency agencies were working to determine the extent of harmful exposure to the area. 

What Substances Was the Train Carrying?

As reported by CNN, the train was carrying toxic chemicals, including “molten sulfur and asphalt.” Other cars that did not fall into the river were also carrying chemicals, such as sodium hydrogen sulfate. It was confirmed by local officials that “petroleum products” were leaking from damaged tanker cars.

Can I Pursue a Claim for Damages?

Individuals affected by the Montana train derailment may be entitled to a legal claim for damages. The collision can cause catastrophic environmental contamination ruining property and livestock. A leak of dangerous chemicals into the river can have far-reaching consequences for all nearby landowners.

It can also cause harm to individuals who live near the river or use the river for recreational purposes. Depending on the circumstances, a person may have a valid legal claim if they sustained personal injury

It is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney to determine if you have an environmental contamination or personal injury claim against a liable party related to the recent Montana train derailment. There may be one or more parties that can be held legally responsible for your losses.

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